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Madrasah Syllabus

We are currently working on a two year syllabus for students in their final year of madrasah. We hope that this will also be useful for adults who wish to gain an introduction to Islam.

The syllabus is still in early development and is scheduled for initial limited release in the madrasah academic year of 2016-2017.

It is our intention to make this syllabus free to download.

More information and updates to development progress will be recorded here.



Book Distribution

It is a major aim of Fisabilillah Publications to provide free Islamic material suitable for Muslims and as a means for Da`wah. To this end, we have prepared this website and our free apps for people to freely download and even print our books to pass on to others. This we think is sufficient for the UK and many other developed countries where most people have smartphones, tablets, and PC’s with internet access.

We hope to provide an additional service where it is most needed by mass printing Da`wah material for developing countries. Our intention is to start distribution of such material in the Philippines and Kenya first and then move to other suitable countries. To fund this, we hope you will support our project by downloading the premium apps.

Insha Allah we shall endeavour to become a registered charity soon and then we will include a method of donating directly for those who wish to do so.

Please note that at the moment we cannot provide books for other countries even if requested, however, should this change, you will find details on this page.


Fisabilillah Trust

We are currently in the pre-planning stage of a large development project to take place in the Philippines.

More details on this will be released as the project gets underway.

Once underway, Insha Allah, we plan to provide feedback on this page.

Please remember Fisabilillah and it’s projects in your precious prayers.