Fisabilillah Digital Project

The Fisabilillah project was originally run between 2003 and 2007. It was an educational and Da`wah project that had employed 14 qualified Islamic scholars as well as printers and type-setters to research and prepare books on a number of topics from `Aqidah, the 5 Pillars, Da`wah, Worship, Islamic Rites & Practice and more.

At the height of its popularity, Fisabilillah’s website had reached the remarkable milestone of being in the top 1% of websites in terms of global traffic.

Locally, a total of over 2 million books were printed and distributed for free. Yet these were only of 22 titles. Fisabilillah has approximately 50 books researched and prepared for distribution. The remainder of these books were sadly never printed as from 2007 onwards this project became dormant.

The project has recently been relaunched under the name Fisabilillah Digital and with the same guiding principles. The crucial difference is that due to the abundance of PC’s, smartphones and tablets, the project is going fully digital, with the launch of Apps (available for both iOS and Android) that will allow all our literature to be available freely once again.

Fisabilillah Digital has had a prototype version of a library App available for about a year. At this point, without advertising, over 15,000 people have already downloaded and started to use the books.

These apps have now been updated to include an improved interface and even allow unlimited printing for those who have downloaded the premium version of the app. We pray that our books will now benefit people globally.


Our Principles

Fisabilillah Publications has always run on three overriding principles.

  1. All issues must be correct, authentic and referenced from the original sources.
  2. The books must be written in a manner which brings Muslims together.
  3. The books must be for free distribution.

These principles have taken our books to be respected and distributed by people and organisations of every type and background.


Our Premium App

Fisabilillah Digital has a premium version of the App which we hope that you will support. Our intentions are that people will be able to print books for themselves and pass onto others for Da`wah and education purposes. Furthermore, we intend for proceeds from this and from any advertising to be able to fund Da`wah books in the developing world.